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I am a Research Associate at Universität Hamburg and will defend my Ph.D. in Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and Tinbergen Institute (TI) on 01.12.2021.

My primary research interests are natural language processing (NLP), applied microeconometrics, the economics of gender & discrimination, and experimental economics.

My research combines tools from text & acoustic data mining and high-dimensional econometric techniques to understand gender differences in debate tournament speeches and negotiation exchanges, as well as how group deliberation impacts individual normative preferences. During Fall 2019, I visited Columbia Business School to work with Professor Malia Mason of the Management Division.

I am doing a small job search in this 21/22 academic job market, and am available for interviews at the EEA and ASSA meetings.

Here are the links to my job market paper and research statement.

On this site, you can find my CV, references, research, teaching activities, and my collection of data science resources.


05.11.2021 I am happy to receive the Equal Opportunity Research Grant from Universität Hamburg to causally investigate how persuasion tactics are perceived across genders!

04.10.2021 I am happy to receive the Gender Fund Research Grant from the WiSo Faculty of Universität Hamburg to advance the argument mining annotation analysis of debate speeches!

05.08.2021 I am incredibly excited that my Job Market Paper “The (great) Persuasion Divide? Gender Disparities in Debate Speeches and Evaluations” will be presented as part of the session “Analyzing Bias with Text, Images, And Sound” at the American Economic Association ASSA Meeting on Saturday 08.01.2022.

02.06.2021 Our paper “Acoustic-Prosodic, Lexical and Demographic Cues to Persuasiveness in Competitive Debate Speeches” (link here) is accepted as a peer-reviewed publication at INTERSPEECH 2021.

13.11.2020 My STAR talk @ NDS 2020 on “First Impression is the Last Impression? Acoustic-Prosodic Cues to Competitive Debate Speeches” is awarded the 1st Prize.

09.11.2020 I am honored to serve on the Program Committee of the 1st Workshop on Causal Inference & NLP of EMNLP 2021.

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Office address

Universität Hamburg, WiWi Bunker, WiSo Fakultät

Von-Melle-Park 5, Office: 2068, 20146, Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +31 682 243 505

E-mail: h.nguyen [at] ese.eur.nl/ huyen.nguyen-1[at]uni-hamburg.de

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