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I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Science at Utrecht University, with affiliation to the Department of Methods & Statistics and the ICS. My primary research interests in natural language processing (NLP), applied econometrics, the economics of gender & discrimination, and experimental economics.

My research combines text & acoustic data mining tools and high-dimensional econometric techniques to understand gender differences in debate tournament speeches and negotiation exchanges and how group deliberation impacts individual normative preferences. I obtained my Ph.D. in Economics (awarded cum laude, top <5%) from Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and Tinbergen Institute (TI) on 01.12.2021.

In picture: The sweat chamber before my Ph.D. Defense (01.12.2021)

On this site, you can find my CV, references, research, teaching repositories, and my collection of data science resources.

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Utrecht University

Padualaan 14, 3584CH, Utrecht, Netherlands

Phone: +31 682 243 505

E-mail: t.t.h.nguyen[at]uu.nl huyentnguyen146[at]gmail.com